Real time supervision for a hybrid renewable power system emulator

Dhaker Abbes, André Martinez, Gérard Champenois, Benoit Robyns, simulation modelling practice and theory 03/2014; 42:53–72. DOI:10.1016/j.simpat.2013.12.003. (IF: 1,16).


This paper is focused on the design and the implementation of a hybrid PV-wind power system with batteries. It aims to emulate the behavior of a hybrid power system in order to face load consumption variations. Final system includes relevant contributions such as quality of emulator (a large number of parameters are considered); capacity to study various impacts simultaneously, a fast dynamic and a set of experimental tests that have been achieved and validated with a test bench. Moreover, a relevant supervision strategy based on currents control and batteries State Of Charge (SOC) estimation has been successfully performed despite simplicity of converter controls.

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