Modeling and simulation of a photovoltaic system: An advanced synthetic study

Dhaker ABBES, Gérard CHAMPENOIS, André MARTINEZ, Benoit ROBYNS, 3d International Conference on Systems and Control (ICSC13), 29 to October 31, 2013, in Algiers, Algeria.


This paper focuses on modeling and simulation of a buck converter based on a PV standalone system. This advanced synthetic study includes PV generator modeling with parameters identification, an improved P&O (Perturb and Observe) algorithm with adaptive increment step and a detailed approach of DC-DC converter modeling. A thorough method is used to determine parameters for PI current controller. The set was used to simulate a whole photovoltaic conversion chain under Matlab/Simulink environment. A special focus has been dedicated to the influence of solar irradiation variations on converter dynamic and behavior as a range of PV current 0-8 A was considered. Simulation results confirm stability, accuracy and speed response of synthesized regulator and MPPT algorithm employed. Dynamic analyses show that the more restricting control concerns low values of current (low irradiation). This work will be useful for PhD students and researchers who need an effective and straightforward way to model and simulate photovoltaic systems.

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