Multi-Objective design optimization of a hybrid PV-WIND-BATTERY SYSTEM

Dhaker Abbes, André Martinez, Gérard Champenois, Jean-Paul Gaubert, Electrimac’s, Cergy Pontoise, France, 2011.


Stand alone hybrid renewable energy systems are more reliable than a system with a single source of energy. However, its design is a crucial issue. In this context, we propose a triple Multi-Objective design, minimizing, simultaneously, Life Cycle Cost (LCC), Embodied Energy (EE) and Loss of Power Supply Probability (LPSP). Optimization has been insured by a dynamic model of the system under Matlab/Simulink and using a controlled elitist genetic algorithm. Results indicate that proposed method, through its multitude Pareto front solutions, will help designers to take into consideration environmental impact of such systems.

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