A survey on energy management and blockchain for collective self-consumption

A survey on energy management and blockchain for collective self-consumption

Matthieu Stephant ; Kahina Hassam-Ouari ; Dhaker Abbes ; Antoine Labrunie ; Benoît Robyns
7th International Conference on Systems and Control (ICSC 2018)

DOI: 10.1109/ICoSC.2018.8587812




This paper gives a definition of collective self-consumption and introduces the current regulatory framework in some European countries. It proposes a review of relevant Demand Side Management (DSM) methods applicable to improve the collective self-consumption rate. It also introduces the concept of blockchain and its possible applications to collective self-consumption, with a focus on some current experimentations. Current blockchain applications include validation of measured data and energy transactions. New architectures propose a completely decentralized energy market and grid control based on the blockchain technology. However, a deeper analysis of the benefit of blockchain is required. The legal framework will also play a role on the future deployment of these applications.



Energy Management , Current Regulatory Framework , Collective Self-Consumption Rate, Possible Applications, Current Experimentations, Current Blockchain Applications, Energy Transactions, Completely Decentralized Energy Market, Blockchain Technology, Demand side Management  Methods, European Countries, DSM Methods, Grid Control





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